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SHURE Releases New Mic Preamp

SHURE Releases New Mic Preamp

Offering 24-hours of operating power from just two AA batteries, the FP23 microphone preamplifier from Shure is now available worldwide.
The battery-powered FP23 can withstand both the rigors of outside broadcasting and studio environments, and is nearly 20 dB quieter than the Shure FP11 mic preamp.
Constructed of metal, the FP23 features special filtering, transformer isolation, easy-to-use controls and offers excellent resistance to outside RF interference.
The FP23 also features a maximum of 66 dB of gain, adjustable in 11 discrete steps for accurate, repeatable gain settings; low frequency roll-off and an extended range peak limiter incorporating dual opto-isolators, which helps prevent clipping.
For information from Shure Brothers, contact Hartmut Reichert in Germany at telephone: +49-7131-72-14-0; FAX: +49-7131-72-14-14; or visit on the World Wide Web.
Chris Joaquim