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Shutdown Worries Some LPFM Filers

CCB says it’s still preparing applications, offline

Some groups helping would-be low-power FM station owners prepare for the upcoming filing window are nervous about the government shutdown.

One posting to a Yahoo LPFM list serve from Nexus Broadcast’s Leo Ashcraft said he assumed the FCC’s online database would still work during the shutdown. However as we reported, none of the commission’s online databases are accessible. That, in turn, affects what free services, like Recnet and RFree, can do, according to Ashcraft.

Given that time is slipping away to prepare for the LPFM window, which was due to begin Oct. 15, Ashcraft suggests when the shutdown does end, his group will petition the commission to delay the opening of the window to give consultants more time to finalize things like engineering and tower agreements related to their applications.

His company,, can still prepare fully-spaced LPFM applications during the shutdown with some modifications, he tells Radio World.

Christian Community Broadcasters, meanwhile, says its services are continuing during the shutdown.

CCB’s John Broomall tells Radio World his company is still able to conduct frequency searches and prepare applications off-line, in preparation for when the FCC’s online databases are working again.

CCB is also conducting a contest to guess how many LPFM applications will be filed. (Remember, we’re talking about filed, not actually granted.)

The person with the closest guess will win a Raduga Professional Radio Automation System. In the first LPFM Window cycle in 2000–2001 there were 3,258 applications filed, according to Broomall.

“Anyone interested in LPFM can enter,” according to Broomall.