Sign of the Times: Gas for 92 Cents

Sign of the Times: Gas for 92 Cents
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Radio station promotions are useful social barometers. Thus we can't help noticing what Beasley station WXTU(FM) in Philadelphia is up to these days.
The station's morning show, "Evans & Andie," will broadcast from a local Amoco station Wednesday morning (Sept. 3).
"Pulling his cape and tights out of storage, Flyin' Brian, the Philly Guy's faithful sidekick, is bringing back the Gas Man, pumping $0.92 gas for 92 minutes to help relieve the impact of record high gas prices on Philadelphia area residents," the station trumpeted in a press release.
The Gas Man will pump cheap gas for listeners that can make it to the Amoco station during the 92-minute "frenzy."


Entravision Signs for PPM

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