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Since Katrina, We Stockpile Emergency Supplies, Including Radios

Since Katrina, We Stockpile Emergency Supplies, Including Radios

In the year since Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, nearly four out of five American adults say they have taken some precaution to prepare for an emergency.
A survey commissioned by American Media Services found that only 21 percent of Americans say they have not yet taken any precautions.
The survey found that Americans have bought candles or flashlights (62 percent) or checked the batteries for their emergency equipment (54 percent). Nearly half say they have stockpiled food and water (46 percent) and bought or checked a battery-powered radio (43 percent).
AMS President/CEO Ed Seeger said most Americans are including radios in their emergency supplies to get local information and that radio plays an essential role in emergency preparedness.
The survey found that 77 percent said they have a battery-powered radio in their homes, and 82 percent of those with a radio said they’ve checked the batteries at some point within the past year.
The survey found that more than four out of five (84 percent) said they are confident their local radio stations would be able to provide the information they need to get through the emergency. Nearly two-thirds say they know which radio station to tune to in an emergency.
Omnitel conducted the telephone survey of 1,008 adults Aug. 11-13.