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Single-Chip Analog/Digital Radio Solution

Frontier Silicon’s Chorus 4 supports all major radio standards

Frontier Silicon has introduced Chorus 4, a single-chip digital radio solution that integrates RF front-end, baseband, application processor and DAC chips.

Chorus 4 is the fourth generation chip from Frontier Silicon. It is intended to advance digital radio around the world by supporting the major radio standards: AM, FM, DAB, DAB+, HD Radio and DRM. Chorus 4 also provides solutions for devices ranging from consumer radios, the automotive aftermarket, smartphones and tablets.

The chip can power one month’s listening for five to six hours a day on a portable radio using four D cell batteries.

It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, which enables hybrid radio (with interactivity and additional content delivered via IP), music streaming and remote control.

Its software also includes integrated service guides that list digital and analog offerings.

Chorus 4 solutions meet the technology requirements of the U.K. minimum specifications for both domestic and automotive digital radio devices to be considered.

“After 10 years of development on this and previous solutions, we now have our fourth generation chip – an integrated, single chip offering enhanced functionality, lower cost and significantly greater energy efficiency,” said Frontier Silicon CEO Anthony Sethill.