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SiPort Appoints New CEO

David Ralston is IC expert

SiPort, the Santa Clara-based company whose HD Radio chip is used in the Microsoft Zune HD, has someone new in charge.

David Rolston was chairman and chief executive officer of Forterra Systems, a 3D graphics software company. Before joining Fonterra, Rolston was general manager and vice president of engineering at ATI Inc., where he managed the development of advanced graphics/video chips used in personal computers, mobile phones, HD televisions and gaming consoles. (This is a different ATI than the company familiar to equipment shoppers in the radio broadcast/audio sector.) He has also held general management and marketing positions at Silicon Graphics.

Rolston earned a BSE from Northern Arizona University, an MSE in systems engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science from Arizona State University.

David takes over the reins from Aiman Kabakibo, a founder and interim chief executer of SiPort. Aiman took over in 2008 after the company’s top three executives, including CEO Sid Agrawal, were shot and killed at their office, allegedly by a former employee.

Now Aiman assumes a new role, as executive vice president and founder, responsible for SiPort’s products and the handset market.

At the recent CES, SiPort displayed a data development program for advanced traffic and navigation as well as album art, in iBiquity’s booth.