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Sirius Bulks Up Canadian Partners in Efforts to Expand North

Sirius Bulks Up Canadian Partners in Efforts to Expand North

Bringing digital satellite radio to Canada takes a village.
Multimedia company Standard Radio Inc. is joining with CBC/Radio-Canada and Sirius Satellite Radio to bring Sirius service to that country.
Both XM and Sirius have applied to Canadian broadcast regulators to offer their subscription services there. As part of that process, both satcasters are seeking permission to build terrestrial repeaters.
Canada invited bids to anyone wishing to offer subscription digital satellite radio in the country. Applications are due next week.
Both Sirius and XM seek to offer two channels specific to Canadian programming; one in English and another in French.
Standard Broadcasting owns Standard Radio, which consists of 51 stations. Standard also owns two TV stations, a national sales division, a radio program syndicator and Internet radio services.
CBC/Radio-Canada is a national public broadcaster that reaches Canadians through eight national radio and TV networks, Web sites, local/regional stations and affiliates, a digital television channel Country Canada and a music network.