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Sirius: CBS Lawsuit Has No Merit

Sirius: CBS Lawsuit Has No Merit

Sirius Satellite Radio says the lawsuit filed earlier this week by CBS Radio has no merit.
The satcaster has formed a response to the lawsuit against Sirius, Howard Stern and Stern’s agent Don Buchwald. “CBS Radio’s claims against Sirius have no merit, and Sirius plans to vigorously defend this action,” a spokesman told RW Online.
Nothing in the complaint would prevent Stern from fulfilling his obligations to Sirius through December 2010, the spokesman said.
Stern has a contract through 2010.
In the suit, filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, CBS Radio alleged Stern mis-appropriated millions of dollars’ worth of its airtime by promoting his move to Sirius in an effort to attract more subscribers to that service. CBS also seeks damages from Sirius, alleging unfair competition and interference with Stern’s CBS contract.