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Sirius Deals Up the Dish

Sirius Deals Up the Dish

Sirius Satellite Radio is now offered on satellite TV.
Sirius and EchoStar Communications Corp. are offering the Sirius service to the 9.7 million Dish Network satellite television customers.
Sirius says the deal means its service has more listeners than “any” satellite radio broadcaster.
Subscribers of Dish Network’s premium packages now receive Sirius music channels at no extra charge. Other Dish subscribers can upgrade their subscription packages to include Sirius.
“Once they hear what we have to offer, we believe that Dish Network customers will want to have Sirius in their cars, boats, RVs and trucks, as well as their homes,” said Sirius CEO Joe Clayton.
The launch takes place at the Dish Network 2004 Team Summit Satellite Television Conference this week in Dallas.
Participating Dish Network retailers can offer consumers a Dish Network-branded Sirius Satellite Radio receiver, the SR200, which can be installed in a car, truck, boat or RV, and also inserted into a portable speaker boombox. The Dish SR200, plus car kit and antenna, will list at $149.95. Boombox pricing will be announced at a later date.