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Sirius Debuts Business Music Service

Sirius Debuts Business Music Service

RW Online reported to you from CES in January that Sirius was developing ways to deliver its satellite radio service to businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores and malls. Now, Sirius says it’s reached an agreement with Applied Media Technologies Corporation to do that, and the service is ready.
And at 60 music channels, it’s more than the satcaster was originally showcasing. At CES, Sirius displayed an example that could deliver up to 8 channels per location.
The price starts at $24.95 a month.
“Large and small businesses alike can now set the mood at any high-traffic location, while giving business owners the peace of mind that they will never air competitors’ advertisements, since all 60 music streams are totally commercial-free,” said Walter Kerner, Senior Director of Special and Commercial Markets, Sirius.
AMTC specializes in telephone “on-hold” messaging systems.