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Sirius: FM Modulated Radios Fixed After FCC Inquiry

Sirius: FM Modulated Radios Fixed After FCC Inquiry

Sirius Satellite Radio says a couple of its radio manufacturing partners also heard from the FCC recently about FM modulated products exceeding commission emission limits and those products have been fixed. (See XM story further down.)
In Sirius’ first public comments about the issue, David Frear, Sirius EVP/CFO, said at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference that the FCC sent letters to two of its manufacturing partners “asking for their test data on FM modulated products and their emission characteristics.” That data was provided to Sirius and the commission, he said.
“Some of them did test outside of the allowable emissions,” Frear said.
Two to three weeks ago, Sirius “went into the plants and made the appropriate changes to production.”
“All of the products rolling off the line now are fully compliant with FCC standards,” said Frear, who did not identify the manufacturers nor the specific models.