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Sirius Has ‘Man Talk’

Sirius Has 'Man Talk'

Cable has the man channel and now, so does Sirius. “Mayhem in the AM” is set to debut on Sirius Talk channel 146, Beginning July 14. “Mayhem in the AM” is live from Atlanta in morning drive. Hosts Mike Bell, Beau Bock, Steak Shapiro and Mitch Evans bat around headline topics from sports and beyond. Sirius stated: “The show’s raucous banter and major league insights cover all the bases in sports and anywhere else the testosterone takes these guys.”
Sirius Talk, stream 146, delivers information, entertainment, and now sports talk, to listeners, 24 hours a day. Mayhem in the AM joins the Sirius Talk lineup that includes; David Lawrence’s Online Tonight, for perspective on our pop culture and high-tech world, and The Mike Church Show, “an edgy dialogue of high-powered man talk.”