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Sirius Has 68,000 Subscribers, Sees ‘Traction’

Sirius Has 68,000 Subscribers, Sees 'Traction'

Sirius more than doubled its subscribers in the first three months of the year to approximately 68,000. The subscriber growth represents a 127 percent increase over its end-of-year 2002 figure, but the company still lags XM Satellite Radio, which reported 483,075 subscribers as of March 31.
Sirius President/CEO Joe Clayton said the figures show the company is “beginning to see some traction in the marketplace. With the introduction of our transportable ‘Plug & Play’ products from Kenwood and Audiovox hitting retail shelves this summer, we fully expect to exceed 100,000 subscribers this quarter, and reach our goal of over 300,000 subscribers by the end of the year.”
Sirius has introduced a family plan for multiple subscriptions and a different plan covering the life of the radio. Under the family plan, additional subscriptions are, at $6.99, roughly half of the initial subscription. On the lifetime plan, Sirius will charge a one-time fee of $399.99 that covers the life of the satellite radio unit purchased.