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Sirius Introduces Radio Converter

Sirius Introduces Radio Converter

Now Sirius Satellite Radio has a device to convert any radio in General Motors and Honda vehicles to receive Sirius. The signal translation module from SoundGate works with any satellite-ready or analog radio, along with a Sirius tuner and antenna.
XM announced a similar device just before CES.
“We want to be able to offer our commercial-free music, NBA, NHL and – beginning next football season – NFL games to as many consumers as possible, regardless of what satellite radio system their vehicle was designed to have. In close partnership with SoundGate, we’ll now be able to satisfy GM and Honda owners who are starved for a premium satellite radio service,” said Larry Pesce, senior vice president of product development and strategic planning, Sirius.
The estimated retail price of the SoundGate translator, including the Sirius
tuner and antenna, is $149.99. The devices for GM vehicles are available at mobile electronics stores now and are expected to ship by the end of the month for Honda vehicles. The modules will also be available at auto dealerships.

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