Sirius Launches First Satellite

Sirius Launches First Satellite
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Sirius Satellite Radio successfully launched the first of its three satellites on Friday, June 30. Lift-off occurred at 6:08 p.m. Eastern for Sirius-1.
"The deployment of Sirius-1 means that within weeks we will be able to verify the fundamental capabilities of our system, including a coast-to-coast signal and digital-quality sound," said Sirius president/CEO David Margolese.
The other two Sirius satellites are slated to be launched and tested by November. Sirius' 100 channels of satellite-delivered DAB programming are due to be operational by the end of this year.
The other company developing satellite-delivered DAB technology for the United States, XM Satellite Radio, congratulated Sirius on its successful launch. XM President/CEO Hugh Panero said over the next 7 months, 4 more satellites will be launched (2 from XM and 2 more from Sirius.)
"The satellite radio industry is now moving from the capitalization to the execution phase," said Panero.
Leslie Stimson