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Sirius Reaches 800,000 Customers

Sirius Reaches 800,000 Customers

Sirius Satellite Radio passed the 800,000 subscriber mark on Nov. 22, and feels it is well-positioned going into the Q4 selling season. Rival XM is aiming to exceed 3 million subscribers by the end of the year.
During this period, Sirius will have multiple portable plug and play products on sale, including the Sirius Sportster, a receiver with features for the sports enthusiast, and the XACT Communication XTR1 “Stream Jockey,” a palm-sized unit that has its own integrated headphone connection and volume controls. Both receivers are compatible with optional boom boxes for portable use.
Sirius will also have plug and play receivers available from Audiovox, Blaupunkt, Clarion, DISH, JVC and Kenwood. The Orbiter Sirius receiver will be available at RadioShack, and the Streamer, manufactured by Brix, will be available at trucks stops and travel centers.
Sirius says it has approximately $800 million in cash on-hand.