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Sirius Shipping Chipsets

Sirius Shipping Chipsets

Sirius Satellite Radio partner Agere Systems, formerly Lucent’s Microelectronics Group, has begun shipping receiver chipset samples to receiver manufacturers. Commercial quantities of the 8 Sirius chipsets are expected to ship in Q3.
Sirius continues testing its 3 satellites, all launched, and continues to deploy its repeater network. Sirius chair/CEO David Margolese said Monday 73 terrestrial repeater sites are completed and 23 are pending.
Securing OEM deals remains the “long pole in the tent” to commence service, said Margolese. Sirius and automakers are still negotiating specific agreements to provide the three band radios in cars.
Automakers can introduce the Sirius product at any time in the auto product cycle, said Margolese.
Margolese said the company has “no clarity” yet on which cities will see the most aggressive service roll-outs, depending on receiver availability.