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Sirius Streams Video Over Satellite Radio

Sirius Streams Video Over Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio at CES demonstrated a live video broadcast over its satellite radio system, “becoming the first satellite radio company to demonstrate video capability.”
The demo took place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Sirius calls it a unique application of its satellite technology that could enable its subscribers to receive video transmissions.
“Sirius is the only satellite radio company that features statistical multiplexing technology, which allows us to maximize the utilization of our bits,” said Larry Pesce, VP of product management and strategic planning.
“This technology not only lets us dynamically allocate bandwidth to where the music needs it, but also gives us the flexibility to use those bits to transmit other data, which could include stock quotes, news clips, kid shows, sporting events, movies, along with many other types of content and applications.”
Asked for reaction to the announcement, Hugh Panero, president and CEO of competitor XM Satellite Radio, said, “We talk about products that are fully baked.”