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Sirius to Be Sold at RadioShack, on Dish Network

Sirius to Be Sold at RadioShack, on Dish Network

RadioShack, EchoStar Communications and Sirius Satellite Radio have formed an alliance that they say positions EchoStar’s Dish Network and Sirius as the only satellite entertainment brands offered at RadioShack.
Dish Network will make Sirius music programming available to the majority of its 9 million customers.
The participants say this satellite entertainment alliance will increase Dish Network’s and Sirius’ sales presence and is expected to open new markets for both as they tap into RadioShack’s 7,000 points of distribution in mid-2004.
RadioShack plans to offer a variety of portable plug-and-play and home do-it-yourself products, including docking kits and boomboxes, featuring Sirius’ service offerings.
“These agreements represent a giant step forward for Sirius which should generate significant additional subscribers,” said Joseph Clayton, president and CEO of Sirius. “RadioShack excels in taking new products from introduction to mass acceptance, and covers the country with their vast network of retail stores.”
RadioShack, Dish Network and Sirius said they’ll cooperate on advertising and marketing support. This will include print and radio broadcast advertising, as well as monthly promo flyers and inserts to customers, in-store displays, sales training and other promotional activities.