Sirius to Raise Sub Price?

Sirius to Raise Sub Price?
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Sirius Satellite Radio intends to charge $12.95 a month for subscription fees for its service, it’s told the SEC.
Both Sirius and rival XM had planned on a $9.95 a month sub rate.
Drivers may not notice the price difference, as Sirius plans to have its radio’s as standard equipment in some new models cars, with its price rolled into the new car price.
In an ownership change, Apollo Management now owns shares in both Sirius and XM, having acquired all of Motient Corp’s XM shares. As a result of the swap, Motient now owns software-maker Rare Medium.


Raising Prices?

There's been speculation that the yet-unnamed satellite radio entity would raise prices if the deal goes through, given that it would have the only license in the U.S. satellite radio niche.