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Sirius to Start Rollout in February

Sirius to Start Rollout in February

Sirius Satellite Radio plans to have its receivers roll out in the marketplace gradually, beginning with Phoenix, Houston and Denver on Feb. 14, 2002. Like its counterpart XM, Sirius has chosen to begin product rollout in markets where commuters are in their cars about an hour, the population is relatively young, and previous consumer electronic sales have been strong.
Addressing previous reports of Agere, formerly Lucent Technologies, lagging on receiver chipset delivery to Sirius receiver partners, Sirius CFO and co-CEO John Scelfo said, “The chipset works and production will begin shortly. Supply will not be an issue,” he said, referring to the ability to get receivers in stores.
Sirius plans to have receivers in volume in stores by the summer and plans to detail more specific market rollout information at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
Sirius officials say they can learn a lot from competitor XM Satellite Radio, by watching XM’s product rollout.
Scelfo complimented XM’s ability to create consumer awareness of satellite radio.