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Sirius XM Opts for SSL

Adds C200 HD Live Production Consoles for two studios

Sirius XM’s Operations Director Jackson MacInnis, left, and engineer Michael Taylor in the SiriusXM live Washington production studio with the SSL C200 HD. Two of satellite broadcaster Sirius XM’s broadcast studios in Washington and New York recently installed SSL C200 HD Live Production Consoles.

The C200 HD is a digital live broadcast production console with 48 kHz or 96 kHz operation, a variety of redundancy and fault-tolerant features, and a traditional analog-style “knob per function” control surface with an in-line channel format and 48 multitrack busses.

Sessions at Sirius XM in Washington range from multitrack recordings with an audience and a fast-turnaround mix, to live broadcast sessions. Prior to recording, Director of Operations Jackson MacInnis will brief the artists or production manager and offer instruments on tap at the studio. They also give each performer headphones and personal monitoring systems.

McInnis and his team average three hours with artists, so “that extra few minutes to reset a console versus the speed of the C200 HD can make a difference,” SSL quoted MacInnis as saying in a press release. Also helpful, he says, is the intuitive channel layout and ease of access to common functions.

Solid State Logic manufactures analog and digital audio consoles and tools for music, broadcast, live and post production.