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Sirius XM Seeks Antenna STA Related to Satellite Launch

New bird is to go up at the end of June

Sirius XM is asking the FCC for permission to conduct antenna testing related to the planned launch of its FM-5 satellite.

Right now the three satellites in the Sirius constellation are in highly inclined, geosynchronous orbit (HEO). The satcaster is planning to launch a high-powered geostationary satellite (GEO) on June 29.

This satellite more than doubles the power of today’s satellites according to the satcaster and is the first step towards the Sirius migration to its new satellite architecture.

Sirius states in the STA that granting the application will serve the public interest “by ensuring the safe placement of FM-5 into its assigned geostationary orbit location at 96° W.L. Sirius XM’s operation of FM-5 along with its existing network of three non-geostationary satellites will produce immediate service improvements to Sirius XM’s U.S. and Canadian customers.”