SiriusConnect Receiver Comes in September

SiriusConnect Receiver Comes in September
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Sirius Satellite Radio is eliminating multiple black boxes in the vehicle.
It has introduced the SiriusConnect Receiver for satellite radio. The new product uses Sirius' updated chipset, and is compatible with any Sirius-ready head unit from manufacturers such as Alpine, Audiovox, Jensen and Kenwood.
The SiriusConnect design combines a standard Sirius tuner with a translator that is specific to each brand of Sirius-ready in-dash radio. According to the satcaster, this eliminates the need for separate receivers for each brand, simplifying the product development process, and lowering production costs. Future versions are expected to be compatible with non-Sirius ready in-dash radios.
The SiriusConnect has a pass-through feature that allows other audio components such as CD changers to be connected without additional black boxes. The unit will be packaged with an antenna and ships to stores this September. Price will vary depending on the brand interface.