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SiriusXM Adds Channels, Releases “Edge” Radios

SiriusXM Begins “2.0” hardware, software, audio and data services upgrades

Sirius XM President/CEO Mel Karmazin wanted to bring the satcaster’s 2.0 hardware, software, audio and data services upgrade to market in the fourth quarter and now he has.

SiriusXM says that by employing efficient modulation and compression techniques introduced as part of 2.0 technology, that effectively deliver 25% more bandwidth capacity, it will expand its audio and data services without affecting the broadcast quality of existing channels.

Subscribers can access the new channels online and on mobile devices through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App.

The first radio to accommodate the new channels, the SiriusXM Edge Dock and Play Radio, is available now for under $140 at and will be at retailers soon. It includes a PowerConnect vehicle kit.

— Leslie Stimson