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SiriusXM to Appeal Turtles Decision

Royalties for pre-1972 recordings at issue

SiriusXM Satellite Radio will appeal a recent California court decision that found the satcaster guilty of copyright infringement for airing pre-1972 songs by the band without paying music royalties.

Federal copyright law only applies to post-1972 recordings; that’s why the Turtles filed suit against SiriusXM in state court.

Speaking at a financial conference yesterday, SiriusXM CFO David Frear said the company intends to appeal, according to Reuters, which quoted Frear as saying the company believes the judge in the case “is wrong.”

An attorney for the Turtles disagrees, telling Reuters, “a better use of SiriusXM’s money would be to compensate the artists whose recordings have made [the company] a very profitable company.”

California Court Finds SiriusXM Liable in Copyright Case