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Sistema Globo de Radio to Install Netia Radio-Assist 8

Brazilian broadcaster streamlines news production across four stations

In a move to simplify and streamline radio production operations, Sistema Globo de Radio, a broadcaster in Brazil, is installing the Netia Radio-Assist 8 suite of digital audio automation software across its facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte.

Marco Tulio Nascimento, SGR technology manager, told the manufacturer that the software system enables staff to schedule and play out programming from studios, exchange content among multiple sites and archive content, while interfacing with existing systems in a heterogeneous environment.”

The four SGR sites at which Radio-Assist 8 is being installed are responsible for the broadcast of programs on Radio Globo, Globo FM, Beat98, BH FM and CBN, a network of stations that reaches 30 cities across Brazil. Integrated with SGR’s existing iNEWS newsroom system through an MOS protocol, Netia says that Radio-Assist 8 will make it simple for journalists to work on a story, incorporating news from Avid software-based sources, rewriting it, adding sound from the Radio-Assist 8 database and organizing the content to be broadcast.

All four sites will be interconnected, with the ability to share content. Kournalists working simultaneously can exchange media in a more collaborative production process. According to the release, across SGR operations, 250 workstations will be equipped with the Netia Radio-Assist 8 software.