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Site Offers an Online Marketplace

Bergman sees a big market for station sales is aiming to attract potential buyers and owners/direct sellers of broadcast stations and media brokers.

On the new website, an owner/direct seller or media broker controls the information being disseminated, according to Sandi Usrey Bergman, president of the site.

Bergman was president and chief executive officer of Bergman Broadcasting, licensee of KSEL(AM) and KSEL(FM), Portales, N.M., and RICKochet Communications, licensee of KSMX(FM), Clovis, N.M., from 1994 to 2002. Several years after the sale of those stations, Bergman opened a brokerage firm,, which she continues to operate.

The website is being launched at a time of uncertainty among radio and television station owners, says Bergman; some broadcasters view the future of the industry as bright but challenging. They are prepared to move forward, taking advantage of new technologies. Other broadcasters are unsure of what is to come, and ready to retire or move on to a new type of business venture.

“As a result, literally thousands of radio and television stations are currently for sale,” says Bergman. “Broadcasters are in the business of communication, yet they often fail at getting the word out to suitable potential buyers when attempting to sell. Now is a great time to invest in broadcast properties. It is a buyer’s market, making it an uphill battle for the seller.”

To address concerns of owners who want to keep their stations’ identity confidential, the minimum requirement for listing a station with RadioTVDeals is the identity of the state where the property is located and the type of station. When a prospective buyer sends an e-mail inquiry about a particular listing, the owner/direct seller or media broker representing that station can choose whether to respond.

Also, owners/direct sellers and media brokers have the choice to advise potential buyers whether the station owner will consider seller financing.