Site Promotes Pacific Radio

Site Promotes Pacific Radio
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Was Lord Rutherford in New Zealand the "true father of radio"?
You might find some folks who would argue in favor, if you visit a new Web site of the Radio Heritage Foundation.
The site,, "celebrates the story of radio broadcasting in the Pacific region," which includes New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and countries around the Pacific Rim. Organizers say they want to provide a home for radio heritage activities, exhibitions, archiving, research and advocacy projects.
"We have hundreds of articles and thousands of images already available from our collections," Chairman David Ricquish stated, "and we'll be bringing these online as fast as resources allow."
The foundation is a non-profit based in New Zealand.


Asia-Pacific Radio Eyes Digital

Implementing IBOC will take many years, judging by the experiences the rest of the world is having implementing various forms of digital radio - experiences U.S. engineers can learn from.