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SiteSafe Touts RF Compliance Surveys

SiteSafe Touts RF Compliance Surveys

RF compliance experts are stepping forth to offer their services more aggressively, now that the FCC is stepping up enforcement of its emissions regulations. Among them is SiteSafe Inc., which is increasing its efforts to educate the industry about itself. The company says it has done some 7,500 compliance studies in the past five years, and can help a station ensure that its transmitting facilities are classified correctly and meet the OET No. 65 requirements.
“Recently, the FCC handed down a fine of $28,000 dollars to an FM station in the Southwest, due to that station’s non-compliance with these regulations,” the company noted. “Specifically, areas that the FM station believed were within ‘Occupational Limits’ could not be classified as an occupational environment, and therefore were out of compliance with the more stringent ‘General Public’ limits.” Info: