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SkyDock Debuts

Device now available at retailers and online

Sirius XM said the first satellite radio controlled by an iPod touch or iPhone is available at retail at the Apple Store, Best Buy, Radio Shack and independent and online retailers.

The XM SkyDock comes with what Sirius XM calls its “PowerConnect” technology, which simplifies vehicle installation, working through the existing vehicle radio and making it possible to move from vehicle to vehicle. An Aux In Cable comes with the device.

XM SkyDock is compatible with iPod touch (first and second generation), iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. XM SkyDock will also charge iPod touch and iPhone devices while listening to satellite radio.

Customers use a free XM SkyDock app and a multi-touch user interface of the iPhone and iPod touch to hear the satellite radio content.