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Slacker Debuts New Slacker

Self-proclaims “World’s most complete music service”

The British Special Air Service has a saying, “Who dares, wins.” They also have another saying, “The guts to try,” handy when things don’t quite work out according to plan.

Internet music service Slacker seems to be working on the same vibe.

Its latest version is boldly labeled as the “World’s most complete music service.” The biker chic logo is gone in favor of something cleaner and less dark.

The company is touting its music library, “10 times larger than Pandora,” they say. It also notes that it offers streaming of ABC and ESPN news, sports and talk. It also feels that its customization options are “endless.”

It is available in free and paid plans. It is also available on smartphone apps, Xbox and is building car distribution deals with automakers such as Acura, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Scion, Subaru and Tesla.

For Feb. 14 and 15 it is offering free premium service to users.