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Slacker Reveals Redesign

CEO calls it “radio for the post social media and time-shifting entertainment era”

Streamer Slacker Radio has implemented a redesign of its website and mobile apps to help users find stations they want.

The company says the cleaner site pushes compelling artists to the forefront, and it is opening its platform more to creators. Slacker hosts about 400 stations and plans to expand with its redesign so its stations can be further fine-tuned by artist, song and genre.

Slacker Radio CEO Duncan Orrell-Jones avers that his company’s stations are superior to traditional radio, whose “personality got lost to corporate consolidation and an inability to keep up with the technology that listeners demand. Slacker is radio for the post social media and time-shifting entertainment era.”

Some traditional media are available on the service, including ad-free programming from ESPN, ABC News, APM and Radio Disney. There are three levels of Slacker: free, $3.99 per month and $9.99 per month.