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Slacker Updates Charts to Reflect Interaction

Web audio purveyor says top 40 charts were designed for your mom

Web audio service Slacker has modernized its music charts to show how listeners are engaging with the music they’re streaming.

Starting today, the company is releasing weekly charts called “Slacker EQ Score.” EQ stands for “engagement quotient.” Charts will be released every Thursday, and available at

“The majority of people stream music and old charting methods capture sales or basic streams which only tell a fraction of the story,” said Slacker SVP Content Programming and Strategic Development Jack Isquith. “As access to music trumps ownership for consumers, engagement quickly becomes the most important metric for what’s hot and trending.”

The new charts will tell the story of not only what consumers are listening to, but how they interact with the music and how their actions change over time, promises the company.

Slacker says the new charts will tell, for example, if people choose to listen to the same music dominating traditional broadcast radio or if an artist’s exploits in the tabloids impact consumer’s affinity for a certain track.

Using a number from one to 100, the data will show the number of times a song was started and how many times it was listened to completely. The number of skips, changes and bans is shown as well. So too, is how often a track is shared among various social media outlets like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.