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Small Station Finds Penalty ‘Very Big’

Small Station Finds Penalty 'Very Big'

The FCC has denied a request from Mount Rushmore Broadcasting to reconsider levying a $3,000 fine.
The agency said the licensee was penalized for violations at KZMX(FM), Hot Springs, N.D., ranging from the inability to monitor or access power and modulation levels from the main studio to being able to turn the transmitter on or off by remote control.
In August of 2001, a Denver field agent inspected the station and the station was notified of the violations. In January of 2002, Mount Rushmore said the problems had been corrected. The FCC fined the station $3,000 last May.
Mount Rushmore appealed last November, saying the problems had been corrected and the fine was “very big for a small operator.”
The commission reviewed the tax returns provided by the station and concluded it could pay the fine. Further, the commission said correcting the problems does not mean a station shouldn’t be penalized.
The station has 30 days to pay.

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