Smyth Takes the Chair

Founding family salutes his commitment in naming him to replace John Bordes at Greater Media.
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The new chairman of Greater Media isn't a Bordes, but he has a familiar face.

President/CEO Peter Smyth was named to the position this week after the unexpected death last month of John Bordes.

In assuming that title, Smyth said it was particularly important, "especially in these turbulent economic times," that the Bordes family remains "firmly committed to its investment in Greater Media's radio stations" and is enthusiastic about radio's future. The company has 23 stations in five major markets among other media holdings.

Other members of the board are family members of founder Peter Bordes.

Peter Bordes Jr. said in a statement about Smyth, "His enduring commitment to Greater Media carries on a tradition of excellence set forth by my father and upheld by my uncle."


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