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SNMP Comes to SBEU

IT protocol added to the broadcast arsenal

The virtual vine-covered halls of SBE University have another informative course to offer its student engineers, “Use of the Simple Network Management Protocol in Broadcast Monitoring and Control Systems.”

As information technology becomes more involved in broadcast, it is only natural that a basic protocol such as SNMP would become the subject of SBE education. SNMP is popular as an information delivery method used in monitoring devices and in the issue of emergency messages.

The course is a “101”-style course with an introduction and overview goal. A release says, “The course describes how SNMP works, including the structure and types of SNMP messages, how they are transported over the network, and how they can be used to monitor and control remote equipment.”

Furthermore it adds, “Students will learn about the data distant equipment might return, and how best to integrate it into an overall facility control plan. Also covered are the types of equipment that support SNMP communications, as well as using the protocol for site-to-site communications.”

The professor is Tony Peterle, CSRE. Many know Tony, who these days works for WorldCast Systems. Cost of the course is $65 for early bird SBE members, $85 for the late risers and $105 for nonmembers.

Course info.