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Snow Gives Way to Stories

A night at the radio station

Radio people posted lots of pix on social media over the past week about their experiences before, during and after the big snowstorm on the East Coast.

Donna Cavender has been working the Saturday midday shift at WJBR(FM) in Wilmington, Del., for several years. She opted to drive in ahead of the storm the night before: “I took my air mattress and air pump that I use for camping as well as my sleeping bag and a small pillow. I pumped it up and put it on the floor of the sales office. Had a Wawa sandwich and a soda for dinner. Watched TV in the conference room till 11 p.m. Friday night. Kept looking out the window to see the progress of the snow.” She told us the mattress was pretty comfortable — “I slept pretty well” — though she confesses that unfamiliar noises around the building were a bit disconcerting.“

Whenever the heater came on it made a screeching sound at the beginning!”

Cavender did her Saturday air shift and production work without incident, and was able to head home safely (top picture) thanks in part to her four-wheel-drive Jeep.

Tom Zarecki at Western Connecticut State University posted this artistic image, below. “Dramatic snow swirl: This formed naturally, outside a walkway at the university over the weekend, from blowing and drifting snow.”

And here’s one from Matt Lightner of Lightner Electronics, who posted on Facebook, “Well… The truck with the snow plow and all my shovels are in the building. Only if I could get to them!”