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Social Audio? Get Ready for ‘Blurt’

McConnell brings radio programming and distribution experience

Radio veteran John McConnell recently joined the company that makes Blurt, a sound-based app that will hit the market shortly.

The app is interesting because it lets the user record and share 10-second audio updates. Call it social audio? Regardless, the company hopes that soon consumers will talk about a “Blurt” as readily as they now talk about a “tweet.” Blurt is available in beta for iOS and Android devices at present.

InterNetwork Broadcasting is the parent company of Blurt. McConnell will focus on new content and distribution partnerships and overall business development. He is president of McConnell Media LLC and of Benchmark Entertainment. He is former SVP of programming for the ABC Radio Networks and managed programming for ABC Music Radio, ABC News Radio, ABC Talk Radio and the ESPN Radio Network.

InterNetwork says its new app “allows users to express themselves with the authenticity and emotional richness of their own voice. They can quickly and easily bring experiences, such as vacations, birthday celebrations and holidays — or just everyday happenings — to life for followers near and far.”