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SoftWright Adds 3D Module

SoftWright Adds 3D Module

SoftWright has a new module for users of its TAP RF design software, called 3DD.
The 3D Display module provides the tool to present TAP engineering studies in a 3D format to help visualize communications problems.
The user can display the image as a solid surface, a wire-frame or a field of points, and save them as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF formats, which can be used in other applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. For regions within the United States, the 3D Display module will download from the Internet, automatically geo-reference and overlay USGS topographic maps on to the terrain graphic at no additional cost. These topographic map image files can be printed.
The company, based in Colorado, also announced dates in December for its next TAP/OverSite Engineering Seminars.
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