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SoftWright Expands Microwave Reliability Calculations

SoftWright has issued an update for users of its Microwave Reliability TAP module.

The company’s Terrain Analysis Package is a PC-based software system consisting of 27 modules that can be purchased in various combinations to support area coverage studies, path profiles, interference studies and other projects. The Microwave Reliability Module is used to design and analyze point-to-point microwave links; it provides calculations of models of rain attenuation, air absorption, path climate and terrain factors, fade margin and other factors.

For users with the Microwave Reliability module and a maintenance subscription date of Sept. 30, 2013, or later, the following calculations have been added to TAP Release 2516 for cases where Composite Fade Margin is calculated:

For cases with Spatial Diversity: Space Diversity Reliability (%)

For cases with Frequency Diversity: Frequency Diversity Reliability (%) Frequency Diversity Outage (sec/yr)

For cases with both Spatial and Frequency Diversity: Combined Reliability (%) Combined Outage (sec/yr)

These calculations appear as shown in the accompanying TAP Microwave Link Budget screen capture.

SoftWright has posted FAQs with information describing TAP and this module’s calculations.