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Some Independent Artists Urge Canada to Approve Satellite Radio

Some Independent Artists Urge Canada to Approve Satellite Radio

A group that claims to represent 20,000 recording artists in Canada has been polling members online about the potential of satellite radio. Listed on the Web site of the group, Indie Pool, most of the comments are in favor of bringing satellite to Canada.
One commenter, Valleri Sauro, Richmond Hill, Ontario, writes: “I support this petition because radio stations in this country make it next to impossible for independent artists to get radio play.”
Indie Pool offers marketing services to independent artists and claims to achieve better rates for clients than if they tried to go out on their own.
Canada’s regulators have approved three applications for subscription radio services, for Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio and an application by CHUM for a subscription service using terrestrial repeaters.
CHUM and nine other groups including Canada’s version of AFTRA have appealed the decision, saying the Canadian content requirements for the pay radio companies are too low. They are appealing to the government.