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Sonic Memorial Now on Web

Sonic Memorial Now on Web

Stories and sounds from the World Trade Center and its neighborhood are online as part of the Sonic Memorial.
The project involves numerous organizations including NPR’s “Lost & Found Sound” and the Smithsonian Institution. It is a documentary about the WTC and its environs, both before and after Sept. 11. Segments have aired on “All Things Considered” and will be featured in audio booths at a Smithsonian exhibit.
Stories have focused on topics such as the Mohawk ironworkers who built the WTC; the “building stewardesses” who helped to promote the construction site; the sounds of wind blowing through the trade center’s elevator shafts; piano music at Windows of the World; and voicemails from the last days of the WTC.
In addition to hearing stories, the new Web sits lets visitors add sounds and images, search a database of WTC-related topics and use a “Sonic Browser” to explore ambient sounds from the trade center.