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Sonic Partners With Sony For Internet Audio

Sonic Partners With Sony For Internet Audio

Sonic Solutions will collaborate with Sony to build ATRAC3 into iMaster toolkit. ATRAC, which stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding, is a codec developed by Sony for MiniDiscs.
The codec will be included as a Sonic Solutions tool in SonicStudio HD workstation for preparing compressed audio for Internet distribution. This will give mastering engineers the ability to produce electronic distribution masters for Internet distribution of audio in parallel with production of conventional CD releases.
Yuki Miyamoto, product-marketing manger for new audio formats at Sonic Solutions said, “As a member of the Secure Digital Music Initiative, Sonic has been deeply involved in the development of secure electronic music distribution.”
SonicStudio is a multi-channel multi-format mastering system that supports up to 192 kHz, 24-bit CD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and now EMD mastering.
For more information, contact Sonic Solutions in California at (415) 893-8000 or check out the Web site at
Paul Cogan