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Sonifex Has Acquired Innes Corp.

UK company expands footprint, picks up PCIe card line

Shown are John Innes of Innes Corp., left, and Marcus Brooke of Sonifex.
Sonifex, a U.K-based company that makes audio and video equipment including the Redbox line for broadcast and other markets, has acquired Innes Corp. in Australia.

Innes makes professional analog and digital audio cards, AM, FM and DAB+ radio capture cards and a multichannel audio logger.

This is the third corporate acquisition by Sonifex Ltd., which picked up Nicral Ltd. in 2001 and bought the ProAVM audio product range from SBS in 2006. It was announced by Sonifex Managing Director Marcus Brooke and Innes Corp. General Manager Karen Olliver.

Sonifex recently has been making audio cards for Innes. Brooke said he sees the full acquisition as an opportunity to sell Innes PCIe cards to a larger market, combine their R&D departments and improve sales of Sonifex gear in Australia.

Sonifex is based in Northamptonshire, UK, and was founded in 1969. Innes Corp. is based in Syndney; it was started in 1977 by Managing Director John Innes.