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Sonifex Joins Ravenna Alliance

Ravenna is now gaining ground in the U.K.

Professional audio and video equipment manufacturer Sonifex has announced that is has joined the Ravenna alliance and will begin building Ravenna’s IP audio standard into applicable equipment. The company is the first U.K.-based manufacturer to join the alliance.

According to Marcus Brooke, managing director of Sonifex, the company had been looking for an open standard for IP audio connectivity for a few years now.

“Some of our newer products required an Ethernet-based audio streaming protocol for multichannel audio with sub-sample synchronization accuracy, while maintaining low latency,” said Brooke. “Combined with its open nature, Ravenna is the perfect technology for us.”

Brooke also pointed out that the timing was right for Sonifex to begin using the Ravenna technology, “given the need for this kind of open standard in the broadcast world and the increase in dominant technology-based broadcast companies joining the Ravenna consortium.” He says that he would like to see — one day quite soon — all broadcast products able to talk to each other using Ravenna.

This announcement comes after the recent announcements that U.S.-based Telos Alliance and China-based Infomedia have also become Ravenna partners.

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