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Sonifex Redbox Controls Studio Status Lights

Sonifex Redbox Controls Studio Status Lights

The Redbox RB-LC3 three-way studio power/light controller from Sonifex is a triple-output switching unit for controlling external mains indicators, primarily studio status lights for broadcasting applications, such as on-air, mic-live and rehearsal/live lights.
Each output can be controlled by one of three remote inputs, pulled high or low; by a telephony unit, when ringing or off-hook; or a combination of two inputs, to control two outputs for rehearsal/live situations.
The company says it has had requests from distributors for this kind of light controller for use in studios.
“The usual application is to control on-air lights inside and outside studio doorways. However, we’ve designed the RB-LC3 so that lights can be controlled from a combination of two signals,” said a company official. He said the unit is programmable for studios with particular light-switching requirements.
A pot on the rear panel controls the flash rate of the output, and neon indicators on each power socket show the status of the mains output.