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Sonnox Helps German Broadcasters

Broadcast plug-in bundle used for program creation

A trio of German radio stations is making use of Sonnox’s Broadcast Bundles plug-in collections.

RPR1., Radio Regenbogen and bigFM are private broadcasters based in southwestern Germany. Though formatted differently, they share a production department, the Service Center Production Sound Department.

The Service Center Production Sound Department has 11 workstations, outfitted with Sonnox Broadcast plug-ins. Head of Production Stefan Müller stated: “One of the most important jobs is to get the voice through to our listeners as clearly and effectively as possible, without being harsh or unpleasantly loud.”

He told Sonnox that “The Oxford Dynamics plug-in’s built-in modules are particularly well suited to our bigFM audience, and to CHR where voices are more directly in the listeners’ face. The SuprEsser plug-in gets deeper into our AC and Hot AC workflows, enabling us to dynamically reduce ‘overemphasized’ frequencies.”

The Broadcast Bundles, available as native or Pro Tools HD packages, consist of Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter and Oxford SuprEsser (native only).