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Sony Launches Social Platform

RadioIO lets users share and listen to music streams online

Internet music webcaster RadioIO — at 13 years old, a veteran survivor of the online music biz — is part of a new socially-based media consumption platform introduced by Sony Digital Audio Disc Corp., called Entertainment on Demand.

That system features three social media outlets, RadioIO music streaming, Crackle television and movie viewing and Ustream video streaming. These experiences are hosted in a live, virtual environment, allowing communication among users in any part of this “world.”

EOD is available to PlayStation3 system owners as part of the PlayStation Home virtual gaming network.

The platform was created by the LOOT development team, also responsible for the Public Theater and Space Apartment virtual spaces. Users can invite up to 11 friends to a Space Apartment to “share traditional entertainment experiences in a virtual environment, communicating with each other in real time.”

RadioIO enables a “social listening” experience with the Entertainment On Demand Active Radio, offering 60 music and talk channels. Concerts and sporting events are planned.