Sony Records the Bloggers

Expo uses PCM-D50s for capture of conference events
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Blogging often has a fleeting quality to it and yet as a digital medium it has permanence. So what to make of a conference on blogging?

To etch their proceedings in digital marble, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo recently held in Las Vegas used 10 Sony PCM-D50 handheld digital recorders to record sessions and speech.

Over 100 hours of content was recorded; it will be edited and eventually made available in some manner.

Conference organizer Rick Calvert said: "One of our first priorities for this year was to capture a permanent high-quality record of each of our sessions."

He said: "We linked them directly to individual mixing boards and ran them throughout each session where our guest speakers addressed groups ranging in size from 25 to 400… We were especially pleased with the five-second prerecording buffer … There were a few instances where speakers began talking before everyone was settled in."